Miss Catherine

Носитель языка, педагог группы 4-6

My name is Catherine and I was born in New York. I have always loved working with people, especially children. In 2015, I came to Moscow to learn more about my Russian roots and start my career as an ESL teacher.
Since then, I have taught privately, at a children’s summer camp, and at language schools. It is so great to see children begin to understand a language that was once foreign to them. I have seen dozens of children who had begun school without any knowledge of English and struggled during their classes. The language atmosphere that City of Friends offers to children is truly one of a kind. Not only do the children speak English on a daily basis, but I am able to teach them the proper pronunciation from the start. It’s a pleasure to know that they will not have to struggle to learn the basics and principals of English as they begin school and won’t be embarrassed of their pronunciation as they become adults.
It’s been a great adventure and each day I look forward to speaking with my little students!